Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Welcome to the i-interpret4u blog – helping people to make sense of language barriers…

If you’ve ever visited a country overseas where you don’t speak the language, unsurprisingly you’re not alone. If you’ve ever found yourself in an emergency situation abroad with no way to communicate; if you’ve ever battled with using a phrase book in more complicated circumstances; if you’ve offended a native unintentionally, got lost and needed directions whilst on your travels, or you’ve simply ordered the wrong thing on a restaurant menu written in another language – you can bet your life, you’re not alone. 

A massive 86% of Brits visit countries every year where they don’t speak the language*, so whether it’s for business or pleasure, it probably goes without saying that we could all do with a helping hand when it comes to communicating in a foreign language; and that is exactly what the i-intepret4u blog is all about – helping people to make sense of language barriers and to offer a bit of food for thought along the way.
Drop in for useful advice and hints and tips aimed at holiday-makers in the UK, gap year travellers (and their parents), overseas volunteers, those who study overseas, Brits living abroad or looking to up-sticks and move to a new country, business travellers on the move, and anyone else who wants to communicate in another language but falls at the first hurdle…and that’s a lot of people!
What can you expect? Access to helpful information and advice which looks at the real issues associated with language barriers. Interesting and lively debate in line with current travel news, sound advice on dealing with the difficulties imposed by language barriers, travel planning tips, help and support for parents and families holidaying abroad or preparing for their child’s gap year adventures. You’ll see new surveys and polls, guest blogs from experts, video content, competitions, giveaways, and much more. 

We are always interested in hearing your comments and views so why not join the conversation today?

 *censuswide survey October 2012

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