Tuesday, 12 February 2013

‘Five of the best’ – ideas for speaking the language of ‘’love’


The season of hearts and flowers is upon us, and personal telephone interpreting service i-interpret4u, has some great suggestions for wooing your loved one in the language of love this Valentine’s Day:

Five of the most romantic languages to say ‘I love you’:

1.    Te Amo (Spanish)

2.    Ti Amo (Italian)

3.    Je t’aime (French)

4.    Eu Te Amo (Portuguese)

5.    Te iubesc (Romanian)

Five of the most romantic destinations

1.    Paris

2.    Venice

3.    Rome

4.    Hawaii

5.    Fiji

Five of the best, language-related gifts

1.    A romantic language course for two.

2.    An Italian, French or Spanish cookery course.

3.    An old French or Spanish romantic movie with subtitles

4.    An iTunes voucher for useful travel apps, or a subscription to a personal interpreter service, or a phrase book/pocket translator.

5.    A book on a romantic destination.

Five of the best ways to bring the language of love to your doorstep (without having to leave the country!)

1.    Choose one of the best ‘languages of love’ and theme your Valentine date around it.

2.    Cook a romantic meal at home – and theme it around your chosen language (choose French, Spanish, Italian recipes).

3.    Do some research and choose wine or soft drinks to compliment your theme.

4.    Learn a poem or a romantic phrase in another language to impress your date (you could even announce/explain each course you have cooked in the chosen language).

5.    Choose some French, Italian or Spanish music to set the scene.


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