Friday, 19 April 2013

Top reasons why it’s pretty cool to communicate in other languages:

As we near the end of April is spring finally here? Are the warm summer nights just a stone-throw away?  Who knows?  But one thing that is for sure, next month will be a hugely popular time of year for many Brits as they start jetting-off to warmer climates and the holiday season gets well and truly underway.

So if you’re thinking of going overseas this year but like most of us British folk, you can’t speak an array of languages, you may think that the opportunity to communicate with locals abroad is pretty slim, or challenging to say the least.  But, what if it wasn’t tricky, what if you could? How cool would it be if you could speak to people you meet in other countries and have a proper conversation in real time even though you can’t speak the language?

Personal telephone interpreting allows you to have an affordable conversation in real time and in 85 languages - and the beauty is, you don’t need to understand one word of the language.

Top reasons why we think communicating in other languages could be a pretty cool thing to do:
1.    The possibilities for holiday romances are increased ten-fold!  How many relationships never get off the ground due to language barriers?  You can always learn the language later on if he turns out to be Mr Right - but you might miss out altogether if you can’t strike a conversation or find some common ground in the first instance!

2.    How many times have you been on holiday and felt that you haven’t truly experienced all that the country has to offer?  Perhaps you only visited the heavily populated tourist spots and dined in the British-friendly restaurants?  But what about the real culture of the destination – did you see any of that?  Having the ability to communicate in another language means you can strike up a conversation with a local, get chatting, ask for advice about the area, tips on the best rural restaurants to visit that will give you a real taste of the local cuisine, where the best beaches and unspoiled spots are etc. Nobody will be able to give you better first-hand insight than someone who lives in that location.  It could open up new experiences and make your holiday that much more exciting than it otherwise would have been.

3.    If you’re backpacking or planning on an adventure trip overseas, how useful would it be to have the chance to properly negotiate good room rates in hotels and hostels?  You could also get help and information from locals along your journey when you have questions or don’t understand something related to the culture, law etc.  You could visit local restaurants with menus written in the native languages and still understand exactly what you have ordered for dinner (no nasty surprises!) 

4.    Have you always dreamed of working overseas?  Fancy being a travel rep, working in a beach bar or are you planning to set up a business abroad?  If you could have conversations in 85 languages as and when you need to, this would certainly increase your chances of success, no question.

5.    Our last cool reason has to be the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.  How many friendships never start due to a language barrier?  It’s good to talk, so get talking! 

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