Monday, 8 July 2013

Making the ‘leap’ towards a new life overseas

We noticed an interesting article in the Daily Telegraph (4 July) which looks at the many aspects associated with starting a new life abroad.  The article goes on to say that an increasing number of Britons are choosing to leave UK shores and head off for an adventure overseas in search of higher wages and a better quality of life.  Surely this can’t just be down to the poor English Summer we’ve been having of late?

Research has shown that the majority of people (58%) make the choice to move abroad for work-related reasons.  Yet surprisingly just under half of these actually have a job to go to, suggesting that moving abroad is as much about the idea of exploration, new life chapters and perhaps unpredictable changes, as it is about stability?  Other main reasons for moving abroad are retirement and buying property.  The most popular destination is Australia closely followed by New Zealand; the comfort of English-spoken countries can provide a much-needed ‘blanket of security’ at a time of upheaval, but equally we may be missing out on many other incredible destinations if we allow language barriers to hold us back.

Recent headlines show that the job market in the UK is improving but on the flipside 7 in 10 expats have found that they can earn more money working abroad so it’s no wonder the allure of overseas destinations is becoming more appealing to us Brits.  But amidst all the excitement of starting a new life in another country, The Telegraph does well to remind us that it is vital to be well-informed about your chosen destination before you make the decision to live there.  Gaining insight and advice from those who have previously lived abroad is invaluable.  It’s not just enough to take a short holiday somewhere and decide it’s the place for you because living somewhere, is very different to taking a holiday there. 

You want to ensure that you settle into your new life quickly and easily, whether than means considering local schools if you have children, health care, visas, language and cultural diversity and more.  Making the right choice is essential as mistakes can prove costly not just from a financial perspective but from an emotional one too – moving to a new country is a big step so researching the ins and outs is critical.

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