Friday, 9 August 2013

Brits enticed into moving abroad following ‘summer holiday’

A new survey from a holiday lettings company has found that 3 in 10 Brits have looked into moving abroad following a summer holiday where they have fallen in love with the country.  Whether they are browsing estate agent windows, have looked into the cost of living or even searched for jobs in the destination of choice, many are hooked on the idea of life overseas.

Around 1 in 10 are said to have actually made the leap to moving abroad following a holiday.  This has left us wondering what makes people fall in love with the idea of a life abroad?  It’s easy to fall hook, line and sinker for a destination when you are on holiday, no worries about work, money, school or daily chores.  But the reality is quite different when it becomes ‘home’ and a regular routine so people should really think seriously about this before making such a life-changing commitment.

Interestingly the most popular places for a permanent move are Spain followed by our neighbour, France.  Then the US makes third place followed by Australia and Italy.  Spain and France still have the comfort of not being too far afield, we expect most people will speak English (so languages aren’t a problem) – in fact, that may not be the case at all but still the assumption is there; equally with Italy.  And then you have our ‘language buddies’ the US and Australia – no need to brush up on your language skills there (as long as you know your ‘Sheila’s’ from your ‘good’day’s’ of course).

Maybe languages do play a factor in destination choice as well as closer destinations where the flight home to visit family isn’t quite so expensive or time consuming.  Either way, the lure of a life abroad continues to be popular with many.  We can’t help thinking that more of us should branch out a little further and start considering and visiting other destinations for our new lives abroad – maybe they aren’t the obvious choice, but if you don’t open your mind to the possibilities of the big wide world, you might be missing out!

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